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Kennel Information

It is helpful to reserve your dog or cat boarding space as soon as you know your plans. This will insure that there is an opening for your pet - particularly during busy times of the year or holidays. Every dog is provided a separate kennel and outdoor run unless they are members of the same family and cohabitate well together. Our facilities are well maintained with concrete floors and large outdoor runs.

Because a petís health and safety are top priority at Red Maple Boarding Kennels:

Please have your dog on a leash when arriving or departing the kennels.

Dogs are required to have a copy of their most recent up to date vaccination records for Rabies, Distemper - Parvo (DHLPP) and Bordatella.

Cats will need a copy of their most recent up to date vaccination records for Rabies and Distemper.

Each dog kennel is provided with blankets, clean fresh water and an outdoor run. Please bring with you any personal bedding, treats, toys or other items desired that would make your pet more comfortable during their stay. We will be happy to provide house food, however, it is advisable that you bring the food they are used to as a sudden dietary change can cause temporary upset to their digestive tract.

Please advise us of any medications your pet may be taking. We will gladly administer them Ė oral or topical only Ė with proper instruction from you.

All indoor spaces are heated and cooled for your petís comfort. We have stereo 97.3fm lite music & night light for pet comfort.